Mentor, Educator, Fashion Marketer, Promoter, Influencer, Ivyist and “Man About Town”.
Awards | UAL award, Most Outstanding award, Outstanding Contribution award,
Community Award nominee
Affiliations | London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, Birkbeck University
of London, Lambeth College, YouTube


16-19 year oldsBusiness, Management or Fashion study studentsStudents from colleges based in South West LondonSessions held at the Idea Space, Lavender Hill SW11Max. 2 hour sessions, per dayGrants available


Trained mentor
3 x award winner. Community award nominee
University of the Arts London MentorUniversity of London Mentor5 years working at London College of Fashion3 years working at Birkbeck CollegeKey Speaker at Lambeth College
Degree in BusinessDiploma in Small Business - Management & AdministrationDiploma in Fashion Business


You have enthusiasm and an inquisitive mind. You have a memorable personal style that would help build the AH brand!
Natascha Radcliffe
Fashion Marketing Course Leader - London College of Fashion

With regards to your skills as a person working with clients, I imagine this would be a
good career choice as you are conscientious, able to articulate your ideas well and good with people. A career as a fashion Business consultant seems a highly appropriate and I'm sure rewarding journey for you to make.
Heidi Stokes
Animator Practitioner - London College of Fashion

AJ has enabled me to cope effectively with my studies in Birkbeck, University of London.

Throughout the mentoring, it was quite evident how AJ takes great interest in what he does, and more importantly in the students he mentors. He was always ebullient and takes great interest in his mentees. I received some pieces of advice from AJ which would in future keep me along in both my educational and professional pursuits.

I therefore, recommend AJ to any prospective student(s) and can guarantee that he would surely come handy to more than what they expect.
Olabode Faleti
BSc Accounting with Finance

The work you did in the team business project was professional and to a high standard. It was well researched and analysed as well as being informative and creative.
Eleanor Warrington
Lecturer - London College of Fashion

This is just to say once again a big Thank you. I am so grateful for all the support and advice you have given me, during my time as a Mentee. It has been so useful. There has been times when our diary commitments has been overwhelming and were not always able to meet up. So instead a telephone meeting was arranged. This was great, because we were still able to touch base.

The advice you have given me, I use it to support me with my studies. I am so glad it was you who was my mentor, because you listened, you understand and found solutions to any of my questions. You also encouraged me to put the time and effort in and to be committed to my
studies and it would pay off. The only negative comment, is that it ended a little abruptly. I really enjoyed it and I would encourage anyone to sign up for the mentoring scheme providing the Mentor is similar to you.

I would also like to wish you every success in any new direction you may take and I am sure with your calm, polite and wonderful personality, you will have a positive effect on many people’s lives.

Thanks again for everything.
Denise Anderson
Bsc Business

Your participation and contribution to UTBOF has been excellent. I really like the way you look at a problem from different angles and ask questions before you draw your conclusion.
Paul Buckle
Director – Rolled Up Sleeves Ltd

You demonstrate good listening skills in that you respond appropriately and at the right time, which shows you engage. You give good encouragement on what to look out for in terms of learning in the future. You encourage openness of thought and new ways of thinking. I gleaned this during conversations we had about one of my essays. My thinking on under-representation of certain ethnicities and stereotypical notions held by society that further negatively impacts it.

You provoked critical thinking on other representations that is generally overlooked and
therefore accepted without questioning. Thank you! This has been real help. You encouraged
to engage in all aspects of learning that will help my studies – you mentioned using the services offered at BBK to support my learning. You present yourself approachable but firm and fair in your manner and discussions. You come across focused and organised.

Thank you for agreeing to be my mentor.
Veronica Callender
BSc Social Science

I just wanted to say how great it is that you continued to meet with Ola for the year, definitely going above and beyond what was expected of you and I imagine from your emails that Ola truly appreciated this!

I hope you continue to be a mentor for someone throughout your life, it’s so valuable having someone who really takes pride in supporting others and ensuring that they get the most out of opportunities like this.
Naureen Abubacker
Widening Access Officer - Birkbeck, University of London

AJ volunteered at Lambeth College as a speaker and group facilitator delivering a wide range of workshops and masterclasses including Personal Branding, Career Values and the importance of studying English and maths. He delivered talks to both small and large audiences and demonstrated excellent presentation skills.

He was inspirational, engaging and consistently received positive feedback from our learners who found his sessions greatly motivational and useful. He was eager to positively contribute to our enrichment programme and make a positive difference to our learners’ lives.

AJ is remarkably well-suited for any roles involving engaging and motivating young people.

Stefania Caria
Careers & Employment Adviser
Lambeth College


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A.HASELEY@ICLOUD.COM - 07388 922 571
Gentry Fashion/Management:
SHARRON@MN2S.COM - 020 7378 7321


Video Editors WANTED!
www.ajhaseley.com and YouTube: AJ Haseley - London

Hello editors! I am a online-based, fashion marketer who is in an industry to make videos more enjoyable and educational for viewers.

Essentially, I shoot my own content with my own camera kits. Once I've done that, I upload the content and one of my brilliant editors starts cutting.

I like a speedy and creative turn around on these edits, so I am looking for people who are quick, open to feedback, and have a fine eye for detail. You will need to be an expert or a wanna-be expert.

I am based in my Lavender Hill office on weekends. You will be working remotely alongside myself, who will green light your edits and provide feedback where necessary.

Successful applicants will edit my videos to a professional standard within my brand and related, regulation guidelines.

Key focuses of the role will include:
Editing my most recent video footage
Producing content for relevant platforms including social media and other online mediums
* Managing projects end-to-end

About you:
ExperiencedGreat and very creative editing skillsA wizz at motion graphics and making edits interestingGood communication and organisational skillsYou’re a problem solver and open to feedbackYou can work as part of a team and autonomously - Big on (small) detailsHave at least industry standard, program skillsExperience and understanding of the importance of archiving every project
If this sounds like something that interests you, please definitely get in touch! I am aiming at having interviews on a weekend.

Job Type: Freelance/Independent
Video EditingLanguage:
If you or someone else is interested in this post, please email me (with the subject 'Video Editor') at a.haseley@icloud.com


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